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In early 2013, our very own April Dawn and her two sons went on a missions trip to Haiti with local missions ministry Children's Lifeline. Haiti was struck with a devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake in 2010 and Children's LIfeline has been working to provide basic relief there ever since. When April returned, she shared during her Saturday morning show some of the sights and sounds from the Haiti trip with WSKV listeners. Click on the files below to hear April as she shares her inspirational experiences and the many ways the trip changed her life.

April wasn't finished blessing Haiti. Children's Lifeline, working with Kids Against Hunger, decided to do a Food Pack-A-Thon and fundraising event to raise $25,000 that will provide 100,000 meals for children in Haiti. April was not only on board, she pulled together a team here at WSKV to help raise money by selling tee shirts and enlisted volunteers to help pack and prepare the food boxes for transport. 

The fundraiser was a great success raising $25,300. This Saturday, November 9th, more than 75 volunteers from throughout the community will come together at the Powell County High School to assemble the food packages
. If you would like to volunteer your time to help, contact Dwaine Meadows at 606-422-9395 or email at dmeadows@whitakerbank.com. If you are on Facebook, you can add yourself as "going" to the event by clicking HERE.

WSKV would like to thank April Dawn and Children's Lifeline for this amazing opportunity to work together with others in the community for such a worthy cause. We firmly believe that our community sowing good seed into the lives of the people of Haiti will come full-circle to bless our people here at home.

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Christmas seems to start earlier every year with retailers. This year they aren't even waiting for Halloween to come and go before putting out Christmas decor!! Like it or not, the holidays and the new year will be upon us before we can blink.
Maybe you're planning a big party, a wedding, or perhaps your company wants to host an event in the season to come. One thing is certain; the time to book your audio support is now!
Festivals, concerts, weddings, parties, dance party, school events...Let WSKV help to make your event something your guests never forget.
Visit our Audio page for more information and give Ethan a call to get your event on our schedule!
<![CDATA[Pickup Country? What's That About?]]>Fri, 25 Oct 2013 15:33:45 GMThttp://www.wskvfm.com/1/post/2013/10/pickup-country-whats-that-about.html
For months, here at WSKV, we have been looking for a unique way to brand the station and all the great music, talk, and community events and information we offer. We racked our brains for something that captured and spoke to the experience of the majority of our listeners. We thought of animal mascots, cultural assets, and region-specific landmarks and nothing we came up seemed quite right. Can you imagine if we came to be known as "The Badger" or "The Mule"??
One idea came back again and again that wasn't completely hated - the pickup truck. If there exists any one item that people identify with rural life, with farming, or country music, the pickup truck is it. Add to that concept that our own beloved '50 model Chevy pickup becomes a conversation starter at nearly every festival and parade WSKV participates in. Pickup Country was an idea that grew on us all. After all, WSKV is home to a perfect blend of Classic and Current Country, New and Traditional Bluegrass, and Gospel Music that will carry your heart back to the mountains and fields even if you live in the suburbs and drive a hybrid.
With that in mind, we'd like for you to climb on in and take a little ride with us as we admire and appreciate the trusty pickup in song (and video).